Vanese Agape Family Service & Learning Center (VAFSLC) is a 501c3 non-profit corporation that provides local communities with a beautiful, technologically up-to-date family service and learning center where all people share their experiences which entertain, educate, inform, and amaze, as well as improve their quality of life.


Our mission is to gather the financial, human, and in-kind resources necessary to prepare seniors, individuals, and children and their families of all ethnic backgrounds so they can participate in a free democratic society. Our activities and services will be designed to promote and increase the quality of life for senior citizens, parent involvement and entrepreneur activities. In addition, our programs will be designed to reduce the incidence of drug use and alcohol dependency, illiteracy, high-school dropout, teen pregnancy, and mental illness. VAFSLC will accomplish this mission by providing character, economic, and leadership development programs and services that strive to increase the literary, social, spiritual, mental, recreational, physical, and financial capacity of seniors, individuals, and children and their families. Every program and service will be formed to create an atmosphere of exchange of goods and services that will allow our patrons to remain connected to a society prepared to care for self, family, and community during troubled times. 


The purpose of VAFSLC is dedicated to empowering children and families to reach for and obtain the highest degree of independent living possible.